On the first day of the Seva Safari I set a personal intention to see every interaction as an opportunity for growth. This week of building a school for the Masai village has taught me a lot about my capacity to serve others and truly work in community. I had the opportunity to work side by side, building desks with the Masai women. These are women who usually spend their days on domestic duties - taking care of their children and cooking for their families.

It was inspiring to see how eager the women were to help - building, hammering, sanding wood for desks that their children would soon be able to use. I had the opportunity to work with Anna, a Masai woman who exudes beauty, grace, and strength. Even though we came from very different cultures, we were working for the same purpose and we supported each other. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly hammer one more nail, Anna took over with strength and a smile I will never forget. It was almost more powerful that our communication was non-verbal. Our interactions taught me about my own strength as a woman and how similar we really are.

After the work day, the Masai women set up a marketplace where we could buy their beautiful handmade jewelry and crafts. I spotted Anna and we greeted each other with a smile of appreciation. I have a bracelet to remember Anna and the other Masai women and will wear it to remember the true strength of a woman.

Monique Haan, Seva Safari participant

Written by africayogaproject — October 27, 2012

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