Tonight, I taught my first yoga class since returning from Africa. The question of the night was definitely, "How was Africa?"

As I fumbled though an answer to this question, I realized that there was a reason why we practiced our response during one of our last evening meetings before we left. I have NO idea how to answer this question. How do I describe an indescribable experience? How do I put words to the faces and hearts of the people there?










The truth is that my response will continue to evolve as I process the last two weeks. My time with Africa Yoga Project taught me:

-that service isn't something that we have to do, it is something that we get to do. When we serve from a place of passion and love, the outcome is beautiful and uplifting.

-that a common language is not necessary to communicate love and acceptance.

-to both share and listen with equal vigor.

-to remember and embrace simplicity wherever I can.

-that I am a part of many communities, all of which love and support me.

-to show up and shine in a BIG way!

These two weeks have been some of the best weeks of my life. I have been challenged, embraced, loved, encouraged, and supported. I have smiled, laughed (often with a snort), and cried. I have felt my world and perspective shift in every way possible.

If you are reading this and you have a desire to go, the answer is "yes." You are ready right now. And when you get overwhelmed with fundraising or using a pit latrine, know that you have a HUGE group of people around you to help you through it.

-Mel McGovern, Seva Safari participant

Written by africayogaproject — October 27, 2012

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