It is officially a year since I started practicing yoga: and honestly am in love with yoga.  Am in love with the person I have become so far. Yoga has brought out in me all I ever would have thought of, it has taught me, it has inspired me and it always grounds me.  The best part of it all is how it has brought up my femininity. I am in and with my body always. I can feel emotions rise and go away, I feel my body movement with every step and when sick I can literally observe the pain and discomfort without cursing. Yoga has brought out my sense of humor.  I can laugh at myself, cry out and let me be without judgments or expectations. I can watch the movie staged in my mind by my thoughts. I love the mental clarity I have nowadays, the ability to choose what to think about, and the ability to choose what I want to do and fully concentrate in it. I am blissful and peaceful. I am fit and flexible. Yoga makes me intelligent. Yoga makes me wealthy. Yoga builds my relationships. This love affair is bound to last for a lifetime!!!

Winnie Murugi

Written by Billy Sadia — June 07, 2013


jodi komitor:

wow ~ what an amazing gift yoga is for you. it appears yoga has also allowed you to express yourself ~ your transformation breathtaking. thank you for being you. namaste, jodi <3

June 09 2013 at 05:06 PM

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