A group of lab rats in a closed halfway filled water jar were placed in pitch black darkness. Seven hours later they all died. The experiment was repeated with same number of rats, same environment and conditions except for a dim light at the farthest corner of the room. The second lot of rats swum for thirty six hours none stop.

“Leaders are born or leaders are made.” Sound familiar? According to a spiritual and a Kundalini yoga teacher Hari Nam who I had the pleasure to attend his workshop at the AYP on Thursday, everybody is a leader, born or made that is your story.

He put leaders as the light in the dark by the great ocean. The light house as he put it; you, I and everyone else are the light house in many different ways. As a yoga teacher, I am the light house, the role model of my community. Standing out and not blending in; the essence is to develop myself to a level where I do not react to anything just like the light house will stand in the face of the storms and the hurricanes at the ocean and so should I in my life. It is my responsibility as a leader to commit to being the light house, solid, centered, grounded for all the others around me to give hope like the dim light from the experiment. Hope kept the rats alive; I am hope to my community! Who are you being? Join any of the Seva Safaris with the AYP and be the light, the hope and the leader to someone!!




Written by Billy Sadia — October 01, 2014




November 14 2014 at 04:11 PM

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