Kawira Nyaga (Kenya) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  Courage, Perception, Responsibility, Discipline


The first outstanding thing that I can distinctively say has shifted for me is courage. You see I'm super passionate about yoga and the effect it has had in my life since I started practicing and for the longest time I've wanted to stretch myself out with it to going out and teaching what I have learned and continue to in my years of practicing.

After the teacher training was done, I was excited yes, but then the question of whether I'm actually going to do it started creeping in. Though still nervous to guide people in their practice, I have found courage to go out there and make connections whether I get rejected or not; that is something I didn't have before and I learned it's not a big deal to make mistakes through the groups that we were put in during the training.

The other thing that has shifted is the perception I have of me and my practice. For the longest time I've enjoyed being a student and now every-time I call or introduce myself a yoga teacher I feel there's a certain expectation that I put on myself and my practice, that was never there as a student.

I like the way it pushes me to learn and take responsibility for my growth as a teacher and at the same time the student in me just doesn't like it because I just want to practice and have fun. I'm still learning to have a balance between the teacher and student.

Last but not least, I thought I was disciplined before but I think I'm on a different level of discipline now with my practice and life in general. Thank you Africa Yoga Project, I am officially a yoga teacher.  -Kawira

Written by Nikki Eason — May 30, 2015

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