Of late, this practice yoga has been a regular in my conversations. Many times I find myself wanting to put a dress on yoga for different occasions. With different people, the conversations takes a different form. The other day, a friend of mine goes, " I don't like the way yoga people talk about their problems after practice ." I said to my buddy Pop, " You sieve out the problems from a breakthrough testimony and stick to that? Stop it, argh! " Immediately Pop fled away from that conversation, I realized that I am strongly defending what I believe, and what is "believe" anyway? My friend Pop had already formed an opinion, an opinion that blocks me off. All I could say was "come to my class and see. "  This was not enough action from my side. The incident brought me to back to the drawing board and I remembered a lesson I got from my one teacher Baron Baptiste. "Include a little play in your practice. "Image

Play, is the easiest and most direct way I know to a child’s heart. Unconsciously, a child allows him or herself to learn in the process of play. We all have a child in us. I have taken it upon myself to ignite the child in me and to provoke the one in others. In my experience, the conversation about practice and living yoga becomes quite heavy when I try to dress it up with things like "come practice and find your emotional balance. " Might be true, but I stand for the spacious play side of yoga, the naked yoga. In yoga, we learn, make choices, acquire strength in different aspects and get to enjoy the whole experience. We play, and play, and play!

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Written by africayogaproject — October 26, 2012


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