Less than a year ago Jessica completed her first Level 1 Baptiste program. When she got
back home to Auburn, Alabama she was approached by a fellow yoga teacher in town
with the idea of opening a new power yoga studio.

She decided to put down her fears of not being good enough, jump into possibility, and
open a power yoga studio in loft downtown in her small conservative college town. Now
she is bringing the beautiful gift of yoga to this community through the one and only
Yogafly Studio.

Still new to teaching, Jessica is excited to have so much to learn during this Africa Yoga
Project Teacher Training! Her favorite pose is Sirsasana, because standing on the head
takes true balance, strength and lightness. Too much muscle and you will fall over; too
light, and you'll never get up in the air to fly.

If you want learn to more about April Seva Safari and how you can participate please
visit www.africayogaproject.org/pages/seva-safari

Written by jimbo Graves — February 06, 2013

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