Amahe Girma, Ethiopia


"Amahe is part of my practice teaching group. English is his second language and he doesn't have any experience teaching Power Yoga. Regardless, each time we get together as a group to practice, he stands up and gives it his all. The language barrier and the lack of experience teaching can be excuses for him to say no, but he chooses each time to say yes. I am truly inspired by his determination, his strength and his compassion. His way of being is a constant reminder to me that I can also choose yes when I would rather succumb to my fears and say no. Amah shines and has inspired me to do the same." - Kelly Holzscheiter

What have you learned through teacher training so far?

I have learned to be courageous. I am able to focus fully. I have learned to share with others.

What or who has inspired you?

What has inspired me most is the teachers and the group.

What will you do with this training once you return to your community in Ethiopia?

I want to open a yoga studio and I will help children through Imagine 1 Day. I want to teach my community yoga for free.


Yoga practice is going well for me and everything is fine. Now I am learning more about yoga and I promise when I go back I will teach the community. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn yoga.

Written by jimbo Graves — April 10, 2013


Halefom Gezaei:

I appreciate this yoga project as it encourages people to be competent in physical and mental. Keep it up! It is a project that inspired me to join!

April 16 2013 at 05:04 PM

Seid Aman:

Ameha you are a great person who always try to go beyond the limitations. I know you are so brave! Hope to learn a lot from you when you get back home.

April 18 2013 at 02:04 PM


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June 24 2013 at 05:06 AM

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