For me, yoga has made me a better person, now I am transformed and transforming those around me. Now I know that it doesn’t matter what tribe you’re from because we are all one family.

Without my practice maybe I would be pregnant, with children, and not living a healthy life. Before I started yoga I had a very bad behavior, I would even steal money from my own mother and I was not true to my friends. That has changed, now I have a job and don’t steal. It is important for people in the slums to practice yoga because life in the slums is very unhealthy. Yoga brings health; there is no smoking, no drugs, and no alcohol during yoga.

When you go outside, the person who is misbehaving, share with them. Tell him/her your own stories and try and change their life. It is about sharing; we have to give what we receive. Yoga has inspired me to serve my community by teaching my classes every week and provide happiness and knowledge to the community and students. Through teaching Yoga, I love to empower students and make them feel better.



AYP Teacher,

Benta Atieno.

Written by Billy Sadia — May 19, 2013

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