Contributions. For those of you who can relate to this subject, you will surely agree with me that it is all about numbers and nothing else. From time in memorial our grand fathers have always realized the essence of numbers and hence their need to maintain family and community structures. Numbers bring impact, influence, and they cause waves and waves command attention. Those who have used the background of numbers have made it big and impacted the world in a big way. Those who have not impressed the numbers are still crawling down here looking for base and foundation for kick up! 

AYP realizes this need and has put in place a system that is practical and workable within and without our community outreaches. Every AYP teacher who goes out there to gather a class has made a substantial contribution towards the expansion of AYP as a whole. AYP is slowly but surely building a web, and effective in number it is going to be. Every week we are building the numbers slowly into empowered youths and teachers around Nairobi and its environs and slowly spreading to the far stretches of Amboseli and Lamu and soon into Nakuru and Eldoret.

Yoga is a tool that we choose to reach and spread the influence of a better, strong, young and vibrant generation.  A generation based on the power of community that is self sustaining and supportive. We are building on information; the kind of information that will bring oneness and leave the world a better place, more conscious, more self reliant, with more love to go around. We center on the kind of information that inspires advancement. We realize that in this world of exploits information is a principle requirement. Information is what places limits to a man’s destiny. You cannot go beyond the information at your disposal. Information defines your destination. You cannot move beyond what you see. The rate at which you move is determined by the quality of information at hand. The brighter you see the faster you move. It therefore follows that, the more informed you are the greater the rate of results you command. Your speed is determined by the level of insight with which you are walking. Information becomes the currency of destiny. It determines your purchasing power, your worth; how much insight you have determines your worth in life. All your actions and inactions are traceable to all information at your disposal. The relevancy and the practical application of this vital information are well rooted in practice of yoga. This and the essence of numbers is part of the information that needs to be disseminated. The creation of the numbers is the main contribution of the AYP teachers and volunteers.

Life is not designed to eat, drink and dine. It’s the art of living, sustained by contributions. It’s the contribution that sustains your life. A good example is that of plant and animal life; according to basic science these two contribute towards each other’s sustenance. When either of them stops producing oxygen and carbon dioxide respectively, we say they are relatively dead. So when you are not contributing to life, you are not living you are merely existing. Life is not about possession, it’s about contributions, not about status,
it’s about service, not about surplus, it’s about sacrifice, not about becoming rich, it’s about reaching out to others; these are the
virtues of the informed. These are virtues of AYP.

Kennedy Cheloti

Written by Billy Sadia — July 17, 2013


Mary Tomlinson:

Teaching yoga in Ghana, West Africa. Your program is inspiring and recently mentioned in our local magazine.
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By Oil City magazine

July 18 2013 at 11:07 AM

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