Find your position in child’s pose. Sit on your heels, big toes touching, open your knees wide as you accommodate your body in between and let yourself melt down to your mat. Extend your hands in front, straighten your elbows as you seek to stretch your back and therefore your limits and expand your possibilities; spread your fingers on your mat like the roots of an Oak tree sucking all the useful nutrients the ground can offer, and spitting out all that is not, your forehead riding in between and gently pressing on the mat making this an absolute phenomenon connection to the mother earth. This is child’s pose!
Child’s pose has over time come to be my happy pose. Initially when I begun yoga I was interested in the wholesome picture and still are but as time goes by I have come to identify more with certain poses that relate directly or indirectly to life and give me the reflection of life from the inside. I regard it as being my control base, my stability and my uniqueness. The name is captivating, because it is literally a call back to the beginning. It symbolizes a fresh start and a new chance to begin again. 
In this pose, I am young again,
In this pose, no dwelling on issues,
In this pose, not a thing to think about, 
In this pose, not a care in the world, 
In this pose my innocence is certain,
I am pure of thoughts because I drop my entire thought package here for postage, with a return address …… to find me later after a yoga session!
I am allowed to be playful and I don’t have to be sorry for not knowing and not being strong enough….. I am young for crying out loud! 
In this pose, I am only present to what’s happening now. I am connecting with my inner self, the true me, the vulnerable me. I don’t have nothing to prove, I can cry here and I can also laugh. I am a re-visiting a child in me, in child’s pose and as a child I am uncompromised, I am authentic. 
Child’s pose draws me in to myself; Apart from meditation poses, this is another point where I do self consultation and draw in positive energy, channeling it all over my body and for disposition of negative energy and toxins, this is the rinsing stage. Dropping what I must and repackaging afresh bringing in more YES and I am ready now!!………. I love this pose, I love yoga!!
Ken Cheloti.

Written by Billy Sadia — October 04, 2013


Heather Kamala:

I am so touched by the real nature of this post. I work with children and I can see, Ken, you also have the spirit of a child. Bless you.

October 05 2013 at 01:10 AM


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