AcroYoga Trainings with Amy 

February 10-12 & 16-18, 2017

The Intention of the AcroYoga Elemental Immersion is to teach all the elements of  the practice, yoga, healing arts and acrobatics and the foundations of these. It is a great refinement of technique and a perfect introduction to the AcroYoga  practice.

AYFit is a partner based acrobatic fitness program. This training  and certification course will teach the elements of an AYFit class and provides   direct feedback while teaching. 

Your Host:

Amy Impellizzeri is a force of movement and fitness. Amy is an AcroYoga® Immersion & Level II Teacher, a Core Conditioning Teacher,  and a NASM-CPT. She is the co-developer of AYFit and its lead trainer, teaching courses internationally. Continuously inspired to train larger and more diverse audiences, Amy has taken AYFit to global locales such as Kenya, Thailand, Australia, Europe  & the United States.

She taught dance for 26 years, including 10 years at the University of Oregon as full-time faculty. She presents regularly at Conferences & festivals in her nurturing, challenging, & fun style.   This is her fourth trip to Kenya to collaborate with the Africa Yoga Project teachers and is committed to the continued growth of their AcroYoga communities. 

What we promise you will receive from this trip:

A solid foundation of t AcroYoga, and an AYFit Certification,  plus the bonus of time with AYP and the experience of being in Kenya. 

What workshops we will host for the community:

3 Day AcroYoga Immersion for ALL levels: February 10-12, 2017

3 Day AYFit Training and Certification for intermediate and advanced AcroYoga practitioners: February 16-18, 2017

Together, we will grow the teaching knowledge of AYP teachers who are AcroYoga practioners,  work with the  current Kenyan AYFit trainers to get them moving up in the path as trainers to boost the career path potential 

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AcroYoga Immersion


AYFit Training and Certification

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“The Seva Safari Trip is guaranteed to change your life; way of being; and over-all perspective. The combination of yoga practices, daily sharing and reflecting with Africa Yoga Project teachers and students, and the daily challenges and tasks, encourage penetrating transformation that inspires overall connection and openness. This trip gives you a taste of authentic Kenyan cultures, while taking you into the heart of what Africa Yoga Project is all about.” – Lauren Mackenzie, Seva Safari July 2011.