Seva Safari: Let's Get Down to Business

November 3 - November 12, 2016

Africa Yoga Project invites you to join Sarah Smith this November for a 10-day service adventure that gives business professionals, entrepreneurs, and yoga teachers the opportunity to share the knowledge and skills that have made them successful. During your seva trip, participants will deliver a curriculum to AYP teachers and leaders that will give them access to discovering, learning and practicing new business, professional and entrepreneurial skills that they will use in professional yoga and fitness environments. The program will be delivered in a "train the trainer" format to broaden the reach and enable a long lasting impact. 

Sarah Smith, co-owner of 502 Power Yoga and 500 Hour Certified Baptiste Teacher from Louisville, Kentucky will lead this seva adventure. This trip is the ultimate combination of teaching/training, hands on service, and exploration.  It is the definition of long term impactful service as you will work with AYP teachers/leaders to develop and discover new business and entrepreneurial  skills that will enable them to grow their careers creating vitality and possibility for themselves, their families and communities. Sarah has designed an itinerary and curriculum that empowers you to discover the power of being for others through sharing your skills in business acumen, customer service/engagement norms, and creating teams in the workplace based on collaboration.  These tools will become resume builders for AYP teachers/leaders enabling them to secure work in the exploding professional fitness/wellness industry in Nairobi.

During this 10 day trip you will have the opportunity to deliver a professional in-classroom curriculum to AYP teachers/leaders, you will get your hands immersed into physical service work, visit outreach teaching locations, and at the end of the week go on a 3 day/2 night safari to Amboselli where we will visit a Maasai Village and see local wildlife. 

The following professional workshops will be delivered as part of the curriculum:

  1. Writing your professional bio and cover letter
  2. Using your entrepreneurial spirit and instincts to enhance your career and develop a following 
  3. Creating powerful acknowledgments through writing
  4. Resume creation
  5. Ethics, norms and customer service 
  6. Baptiste Certification support –video taping, application review and feedback

We can't wait to see you in Kenya!


“The Seva Safari Trip is guaranteed to change your life; way of being; and over-all perspective. The combination of yoga practices, daily sharing and reflecting with Africa Yoga Project teachers and students, and the daily challenges and tasks, encourage penetrating transformation that inspires overall connection and openness. This trip gives you a taste of authentic Kenyan cultures, while taking you into the heart of what Africa Yoga Project is all about.” – Lauren Mackenzie, Seva Safari July 2011.