Baptiste Power Yoga Institute

Baron conducted the first AYP yoga teacher training in Kenya in April 2009, supported by an international team of teachers. Baron’s synthesis of yoga practice and philosophy with transformational work encouraged each participant to access newfound personal and professional power. The Baptiste Power Yoga Institute continues to champion the Africa Yoga Project organization by sponsoring students, encouraging volunteer participation, and providing financial and training support.

Be Present

Denver-based yoga clothing company, be present, has engaged in a partnership with nonprofit 501c3 organization Africa Yoga Project. It is the vision of Africa Yoga Project to use the transformative power of yoga to empower communities in East Africa to foster peace and improve physical and emotional well-being. be present has joined together with Africa Yoga Project to provide clothing to support their mission and help raise awareness for the organization.

Harambee Arts

Harambee Arts: Let's Pull Together™ partners with African grassroots programs to train local caregivers to provide art programs for vulnerable children in an environment that fosters their sense of joy, creativity and exuberance. Through its arts programs, Harambee Arts strives to promote the well-being of homeless, orphaned and other neglected children, enhance the stability of their families and support systems, and develop their sense of self-worth and positive personal ethics by creating opportunities for children to help other children.


HealCode takes your schedule, staff and other information from your MINDBODY account and displays it right on your website - in your site's color scheme. Customers no longer have to leave your site to see your schedule, events or appointments!


(HPY) is an online library of streaming audio yoga classes we call “Yogacasts”. These classes are instructed by teachers working worldwide to spread the love and joy of yoga. Our mission at hitPLAYyoga is to raise the vibration of this planet by empowering people to reach for their mats as often as they can. We will be serving up Power Vinaysa Yogacasts, 24/7, globally so yogis can hit PLAY anywhere, anytime!

I Love Yoga

I Love Yoga, a karma yoga clothing company, partners with the Africa Yoga Project organization to produce, sell and distribute AYP merchandise. In addition to creating the sweat-shop free Africa Yoga Project t-shirt and handling products from AYP’s Beads For Change line, I Love Yoga raises awareness of AYP’s mission and programs and supports fundraising activities across the United States.

MINDBODY Business Management

MINDBODY Business Management Software is trusted by thousands of clients in 80+ countries to manage and grow their businesses. Whether you are a single-location business or a large franchise, you can use MINDBODY to simplify your life, boost your revenues, and focus on your clients. Named one of the top software companies in the US by Inc. magazine, MINDBODY will help you leverage technology to streamline your business and make your services more accessible to your clients.

Next Generation Yoga

Next Generation Yoga, a children and family based yoga company, is partnering with Africa Yoga Project to train their teachers in how to successfully share yoga with children. Jodi Komitor, NGY Founder, and a group of committed Yogis, called Team NGY, are committed to raising funds and awareness, as well as spending face-to-face time training AYP Teachers on the grounds in Africa.

Sarakasi Trust

Sarakasi Trust is a non-profit, donor-funded performance arts development organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our headquarters are at Ngara at the (Dome), formerly Shan Cinema.

We support numerous dancers and acrobats from the slums by providing them with opportunities to use their talent as a source of revenue. The Sarakasi dancers are a renowned professional group whose experience and life skills complement their artistic talents.

Shining Hope for Communities

Shining Hope for Communities is a 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 2009 by Executive Director Kennedy Odede and Managing Director Jessica Posner. The organization is composed of an extremely diverse and experienced coalition of local community members, university students, and international business and education experts. Kennedy is a current student at Wesleyan University, and has combined his lived experience of 23 years as a community organizer in Kibera with his elite college education to create an organization that is truly one of a kind. All of Shining Hope for Communities' work is overseen by a local community leadership committee in Kibera and advised by a Board of Directors in the United States composed of university professors, leading CEOs, and human rights experts. Kennedy and Jessica were recently named 2010 Echoing Green Fellows, have received support for their work from The Newman's Own Foundation, and won the international 2010 Dell Social Innovation Competition. Jessica was recently recognized as the nation's "Top World Changer 25 and Under" by Do Something and VH1.


SoulPowered is a leadership development and coaching company on a mission to generate a movement of conscious, purpose-driven leaders and organizations that improve lives and empower change in the world.

We are a home and source for powerful, authentic, and extraordinary leadership development and coaching experiences. We are committed to supporting a world with greater opportunity for all. Through our collaborations we create thriving communities and empowered leadership across the globe.

We Want Peace

We Want Peace (WWP) has a simple goal: To raise awareness on the fundamental principles of justice, equality, unification and conflict prevention through the power of music, worldwide. Spearheaded by the internationally renowned recording artist, actor, author and activist, Emmanuel Jal, the WWP campaign has gone from strength to strength since launching in December 2010. Kicking off the campaign, and in dedication to Southern Sudan's historic referendum, Emmanuel released what has become the world-wide music hit, “We Want Peace”. The up-tempo, feel good classic brings a sense of appreciation and entertainment to the importance of peace and security.


Wellicious is a London-based lifestyle brand, specialising in exclusive, eco-friendly Yoga and Pilates Clothing, Loungewear and Accessories. Founded in 2007 by Heike Schnell, entrepreneur and passionate Yogista - Wellicious products are designed to make you look good and feel great.

We offer a lifestyle choice, including a holistic platform on our website, to share knowledge about yoga, Pilates, health and wellbeing. Friends and fans can use our platform to contribute tips and trends for a glamorous and exclusive yet healthy and responsible lifestyle.

Wildlife Works

Wildlife Works' mission is to harness the power of the global consumer to create innovative and sustainable solutions for wildlife conservation.

We call our radical new approach Consumer Powered Conservationism.

Founded in San Francisco in 1997, we are the world's first business designed from the ground up around a consumer brand that stands for wildlife conservation. Our promise to every customer is that we use the proceeds of our product sales to save endangered and threatened wildlife around the globe.

We're achieving this by protecting wilderness habitats, creating jobs, building schools and providing other economic benefits for those people who share their land and resources with wildlife.

In our first location in Kenya, Africa, we created the 80,000-acre Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary, where elephants, cheetahs and 45 other large mammal species now roam freely. In addition, we built and operate our Eco-factory next to the sanctuary, where we employ members of the local community to create some of our products.

Yoga Aid

Yoga Aid organizes events that increase awareness, encourage volunteer participation and raise funds to support AYP programs.

Yoga Reaches Out

The mission of Yoga Reaches Out is to bring the yoga community together to create seva (selfless service). Through the gift of yoga, Yoga Reaches out focuses on raising funds for organizations that impact the health, education, and well-being of children. YRO is a national non-profit that has raised over $700,000 since 2010. Please visit to learn more.

Journal Engine

JournalEngine™ is a powerful online coaching and teaching platform built to accelerate personal development and transformation.  The centerpiece is journaling – the most powerful tool for increasing emotional intelligence.  Journaling is perhaps the most effective coaching tool that exists - yet it has remained one of the most underutilized resources. Until now.  JournalEngine™ provides a customizable platform for building deeper relationships, a tribe of loyal supporters and for taking  your business to new heights.

Give Back Yoga Foundation

Give Back Yoga Foundation believes in making yoga available to those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the transformational benefits of this powerful practice. We do this by supporting and funding certified yoga teachers in all traditions to offer the teachings of yoga to under-served and under-resourced socio-economic segments of the community and inspire grassroots social change and community cooperation.
The Give Back Yoga Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.