Seva is the Sanskrit word for “selfless service” and safari is the Swahili word for “journey or trip”.  On a Seva Safari trip with Africa Yoga Project, that is exactly what you will be getting – a selfless service journey.  It is a trip that will change your life and the lives you touch forever.Any one of our Seva Safari trips will leave you with a deeper understanding of your purpose and how you are being for others. Our team works with you to ensure the experience begins the moment you register! Seva Safari promises to reignite the way you see the world around you, energize the relationships in your life, and inspire a greater enthusiasm for being of service. If you have ever wanted to go on an international adventure to explore, learn and connect, while contributing to the development of sustainable projects that positively impact others, then this is the program for you.Our trips are driven first and foremost by the needs of the local community. Each trip is a new adventure. Through daily yoga practice, working closing with the Africa Yoga Project team and personal development, this trip has proven time and time again to be the journey of a lifetime.

2014 Upcoming Seva Safari Trips

Africa Yoga Project Teacher Training

April 17th to April 28th

Africa Yoga Project is excited to announce the opportunity to be part of Kenya's annual 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training! Facilitated by Paige Elenson, Kiersten Mooney, Lisa Taylor and Billy Sadia, Walter Mugwe, Catherine Njeri and Tami Schneider.

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Bring Your Yoga to Life

May 22nd - 31st

Come to Kenya and immerse yourself in the joy of service. We have built a special trip with two amazing global yogis, Tryphena Chia and Betty Kong, hailing from Hong Kong and Singapore. This trip is about opening yourself to the experience of being of service.

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Being of Service

June 26th to July 5th

Africa Yoga Project invites you to join them in Kenya on a 10 day journey to experience fully being of service to of others! Co-led by Bonnie Vozar, a lifelong yogi and spirited philanthropist, with Irene Auma, a dedicated Africa Yoga Project teacher who embodies Africa Yoga Project’s mission this experience promises to invigorate your spirit of service.

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All Generations

July 17th to 26th

Africa Yoga Project will be hosting its second All Generations Seva Safari this July 2014. This is an amazing opportunity for families and loved ones to travel together, to experience a new culture and connect as a family on a Kenyan adventure that you will share forever.

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KILIMANJARO: Expand Your Vision

August 3rd to 12th

Africa Yoga Project is opening a brand new adventure into the heart of east Africa - Climbing Kilimanjaro. Co-led by John Fortin, triathlete and life long yogi, alongside Billy Sadia, Development Director of Africa Yoga Project. Come to the top of Africa with the Africa Yoga Project community on this world class adventure.

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Raising the Bar with Prison Yoga Project

September 4th - 13th

Africa Yoga Project is collaborating with Prison Yoga Project to offer a Seva Safari adventure that will expand your awareness of just how essential sharing your love of yoga is and how you can change this world. We have asked James Fox, Founder and Director of Prison Yoga Project, to come to Kenya and lead a world class program built on his years of experience teaching and delivering yoga, meditation and mindfulness to at-risk populations.

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Fundraisers for Future Seva Safaris

February 2014

Adriane Boff dos santosAngela Truckey | Anne BrittAzi Maroufi | Charlotte WaldmeirChelsea Valmoja | Chelsea Vickers | Dana Flynn | Delia BaronKatie MacKay | Kelly Robinson | Lotus Love Seva TeamLaurel Fitts | Leo Rising | Masha Gorod | Nina Lora | Victor Colletti

April 2014

Amanda Britton | Andrea Mitchell | Andrea Sanchez | Angela InglishBilly Smith | Brian Straub | Camilla Monteiro | Camilla Monteiro | Carina TaliaferroCaroline Rencken | Chelsey VickersChesley Long | Ching Ching You | Emily WallEmma Lipchultz l Franciose BarkatGiulia BalestraHolly Ouellette | Jason PooleyJenna Aidikoff l Jessie Benson | Kate TaylorKrystyl Young | Laurie OrlandoLindsay Kidd | Leyla Ahmet Madison Keller | Meaghan MielnichukMegan Crouch | Meredith Walsh | Michelle Taylor | Molly Block | Monica RossiNatlee Valego | Nikki Eason | Rachelle Briscoe l Renee HeiszSamantha Griggs l Sandra Godley Stacy Bick | Terri Bahr | Trina Rowell

May 2014

Angelic Cheah | Betty Kong | Chin Sun Wong | Corrine Favre l Dee Cheung | Harriet Chong | Jacqueline Soon l Jennifer Collins | Phaik Suan Pang | Selina Mak | Simon Fraser | Tryphena Chia 

June 2014

Amy Zambrano | Andrew Petrillo | Bonnie Vozar | Daryn Jackson | Jeanne CenturyJessica Charles | Julie Kiddoo | Manuella Izaacs | Sara Duncan

July 2014

Alexa Daskalos l Fletcher Family l Mike and Gerri Robinson Family l Heisz Family | Ron and Dana Robinson Family | Silvera Family l Teresa Gibbons

August 2014

Alexis Casal | Alicia Stevens | Anna Dennis | Beth Thomas | Cathy Hott | Cynthia Winslow | Debbi Nicol | Debbie Smith | Curt Calcaterra | Debbie NicolEric Rust | John Fortin | Kelly McCoy | Kerry Moeller | Laura Calcaterra | Mike Cheliak | Miranda Craven | Rhea Mitchell | Shelley Lowther | Tricia Cooper | Trish Marek-Fortin

September 2014

Asha Sahijwani | Ana Sorys | Blake Hall | Taylor White Moffitt

Future Seva Safaris

David Allard | Jessica & Brandon Jacobs | Marissa Tingle | Miranda Adler | Robyn FreemanSarah Fiorelli | Shannon Moller

See what past Seva Safari participants have to say about their experience...

"I joined the Seva Safari in an attempt to help and maybe, in the process, change just one persons life for the better. It turned out that the life that was changed, was my own." - Meg Katz, Seva Safari July 2011

"Seva Safari is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow--beyond writing a check, it's a hands-on chance to work with Kenyan teachers and yoga practitioners to create real community change. I came away ignited to create people-oriented change in my own community, and I'm continually inspired by what I learned about the role that individuals can play in creating wellness worldwide." - Emily Goligoski, Seva Safari July 2011



"Seva Safari transformed my life and my perspective. I made new friends from all over the world. We worked together to build a community center in Kibera. I saw first hand what a small, committed group of like minded people could accomplish and it left me inspired. AYP made it possible for me to find ways to spread and share my love, leaving me feeling inspired, powerful and eager to share more love everywhere I go. I encourage everyone to embark on a Seva Safari trip and challenge yourself and discover who you are. We are all more powerful and capable than we think." - Caitlyn Saxton, Seva Safari July 2011
Africa Yoga Project will be hosting its second All Generations Seva Safari this July 2014. This is an amazing opportunity for families and loved ones to travel together, to experience a new culture and connect as a family on a Kenyan adventure that you will share forever.X

“The Seva Safari Trip is guaranteed to change your life; way of being; and over-all perspective. The combination of yoga practices, daily sharing and reflecting with Africa Yoga Project teachers and students, and the daily challenges and tasks, encourage penetrating transformation that inspires overall connection and openness. This trip gives you a taste of authentic Kenyan cultures, while taking you into the heart of what Africa Yoga Project is all about.” – Lauren Mackenzie, Seva Safari July 2011.