Seva Safari: Shift Your Vision 2017

June 15 - 24, 2017

Join Shelley Lowther on a Seva Safari like no other as we help Africa Yoga Project create it’s first business model!   Shelley Lowther will bring her business Beetnix Superfoods and Jucie Bar to Kenya and teach the AYP team a sustainable business from the ground up.  Join us and plant a community garden at an orphanage; teach safe service practice, marketing and business practices; create new possibilities for jobs, growth and sustainability in Kenya.  We will be followed by a documentary film maker as we start the garden and juice bar!

Help us create a sustainable future for an orphanage in Nairobi by helping them create a garden.  AYP teachers will buy the fruits and veggies from the orphanage and local markets and use them in juice and smoothie preparation at the Shine Center.  Both the orphanage and the Shine Center create constant streams of income through your hard work and dedication!

No juice or business experience is needed. All you need is a big, open heart, a willingness to get your hands dirty and the desire to change the world.

Come shift your vision with us and create outreach work in a whole new light as we create a sustainable future for Africa Yoga Project, Kenya and the world, one heathy drink at a time.

“The Seva Safari Trip is guaranteed to change your life; way of being; and over-all perspective. The combination of yoga practices, daily sharing and reflecting with Africa Yoga Project teachers and students, and the daily challenges and tasks, encourage penetrating transformation that inspires overall connection and openness. This trip gives you a taste of authentic Kenyan cultures, while taking you into the heart of what Africa Yoga Project is all about.” – Lauren Mackenzie, Seva Safari July 2011.