Our Tribe Program is for those ready to be of service and ACT NOW in the AYP global community! To become part of our tribe click here.

Tribe: A group of people sharing an occupation, interest, or habit; a large family. 

The Africa Yoga Project Tribe is about creating authentic connections with a group of people committed to sharing the power of yoga to create transformation, empowerment and health across the globe. You have an opportunity right now to become connected to AYP and our community. Once a member, your challenge is to recruit and build the tribe within your own community.

Monthly Membership

There is a monthly membership commitment and with this donation you will receive - Practice with the Tribe! - an audio podcast led by an AYP teacher, mentor or staff member. There are three membership levels to choose from:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $100

Your monthly donation directly impacts our programs in Kenya

  • $25/month - funds a yoga class for 25 children once a week in Nairobi’s informal settlements
  • $50/month - funds a weekly feeding program for a yoga class of 25 children in Nairobi’s informal settlements
  • $100/month - funds one AYP teacher to teach 4 outreach classes a week.

2 Continents, 1 Love and now the opportunity for ONE TRIBE! Join the AYP Tribe NOW and together we will make a difference! For more information, email

$25 funds a yoga class for 25 children once a week in Nairobi's informal settlements!