My Yoga Clothes

By africayogaproject
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on May 29, 2012

As I get ready to practice yoga,  just before picking up my mat, I search my closet for something to wear.  Clothes do way more than just cover body parts. They have become a disguise of whoever I think I am at a particular time.  Covered by these pieces of fabric, is a man. A man who is afraid of being  exposed. A man who needs a protective cover - a cover that will keep people at the surface. A cloth that implies: "I am too good.  You can't tell me anything." I receive energy from the people but at a surface level, I am too easily manipulated by this influence. I hide myself behind a "fake" Billy; one who is not real; one who I don’t know. The truth is, It feels good.  Safe. But inauthentic.
Once I move into my practice, my clothing is irrelevant. My awareness returns back to where it should be, right here inside my body. The asana allows me to focus on what is beyond my exterior. Like looking through broken glass, your focus becomes what you see. I am not implying to practice naked, but rather get in to your body. Take mountain pose. Create a solid foundation from the feet, firm the muscles to the bone, as you press into the earth lift from the core through the crown of the head and all of the sudden, "Wow!" The obsession with the exterior is out of the picture!  I invite all yogis and yoginis, and even all of us who just wear yoga clothes and hardly practice yoga - Look beyond the cloth. This is the perfect place to be. I love my "Be Presents & Lululemons" though!

Big chunks of love,



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This head I hold: getting back to Now. | lifeyum on May 29, 2012

WOW to this Blog Billy. Amazing and made me giggle too. Tons of love

Monica on May 30, 2012

You are beautiful, inside and out. It doesn’t matter what you wear—- it IS the man that matters. No naked yoga, though!

Shelley Lowther on May 29, 2012

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