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It is quite interesting to note why people want to do yoga. The most common reason is to keep fit or to lose weight. I have no qualms which such reasons seeing as my own yoga journey was inspired by very many factors, which would form the basis of a story for another day. Don’t get me wrong; I have had a yo-yo relationship with my own body for the longest time. It was only recently that I moved from the weight aspect to really appreciating my body. This body houses a very important being-me! This body works so hard; if you don’t believe me think about how having two poor tired feet can lead to the most intense discomfort. This body is amazing and can do the most interesting twists, bends and contortions imaginable.

Yoga has taught me how to love and take care of me. I look forward to Saturday community class because I know ultimately my practice is for my own well-being. It’s a lesson in loving me enough to commit to my practice. When I am done, I look at myself in the mirror, I high-five myself, give myself a big smile and say, ‘You know what body, you are amazing!’ Maybe some people will say, ‘but you are a size 8.’ Maybe, but I take care of my body because it takes good care of me. And I want to grow old with it, intact, happy and whole.Image

I have bad days, but thank God, I have more good days. Days when I can smile at myself, and hold the image of me running down the head stand sans assistance, and just marvel. It’s not about the weight- it’s about doing what’s best for your ultimate well-being. Once that is sorted out, the rest easily falls into place, and it no longer becomes a chore, a competition or a goal. It is joy, acceptance and love.


‘You know what body, you are amazing!’

Brenda Oreta



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