Walking with the Masai

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On July 29, Seva Safari participants tell of their travels to a village named Amboseli to build a school. Below is the story of what they experienced on the 4th day of Seva Safari, as told by Jonathan, Jessica and Eric.


How do you put into words one of the most magnificent days of your life? It began with an inspired meditation and yoga practise lead by Monique. Monique guided everyone through a meditation that spoke about purpose, community, heart and health. The meditation was followed by a few yin poses to really deeply stretch us after Moses’ amazing class yesterday. A reading on the power of connection strengthened our intention for the day. We had a delicious breakfast and then were on our way to Amboseli. We picked up the AYP teachers and felt our group grow. The bus ride was full of stories, laughter, music and yoga poses. While the wheels on the bus went round, there were wheels happening on the bus!

After about a four hour scenic drive through beautiful Kenya, passing giraffes, a zebra, gazelles and cattle being herded by little boys- we were lost. The 3 vehicles we were travelling in stopped. About 10 minutes later, Jacob an AYP teacher and Masai warrior came to our rescue on his motorcycle. Jacob’s role in this project was as a community leader who saw a need and wanted to help his people. Jacob lead us to the village. What first struck us was the beauty of the people! The Masai warriors and ladies are colourful, decorated, vibrant people. It was a stunning sight to behold. The Seva Safari leaders, participants and the AYP teachers and assistants stepped off of the bus and were met with love and joy. After taking in each other’s similarities and differences, we walked a short distance moving with harmony to the ladies’ chants. No words were spoken but we were together. We then arrived at the broken walls of the current school which had been worn with the wind. The Eluai Community stood in a line to welcome us. We went to each person and we were greeted with a warm smile and handshake. The Seva Safari participants started by greeting people with a hello but by the end of the line had learned the Ma greeting “supa” and response “ipa”. The dreams both sets of people had had for months, were meeting and were becoming a reality. Once introductions had been completed we walked together as a new community towards the village where we would be staying with the Masai. We are so grateful of their generous gift of this experience. It was something none of us will ever forget .

Along the 4 km walk, a picture of the world came into view. When we looked along the path, an inspiring picture of global love could be seen. Seeing people from Australia, Canada, the United States, and all over Kenya walking together, a precious spirit could be felt and was rooted in the soul. Knowing the effort, support, events and love that have lead each person to this walk, created a very stong connection. This illustrates something not to be forgotten- the power of education. All of us, with a common goal-education, hope and a future.










What is amazing is no matter your experiences in life, where you are from, your language, customs or beliefs, the power of education will bring this fragile world together. What was learned is that there is no me or you- only a community. This community is our world. How can people who do not know each other have different cultures, speak different languages, have different customs, wear different clothes, view the world differently all come together and give this gift? It is quite simple... by becoming involved in a community then love will follow and in turn blind us of our differences. Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” AYP is leading the change and everyone in our camp in Amboseli feels the power of our purpose here on this service trip. Tomorrow we will continue to build our community by starting to build a school!

-Jonathan, Jessica and Eric


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