Saying goodbye to the village.

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Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on August 06, 2012

After a busy week of work, creating new connections, and learning we left the village on Friday to head back to Nairobi. We had built nearly 30 school desks, 15 roof trusses, walls up the height of ten bricks. We made the rebar reinforcements that we top the walls we left prior to the roof being put on. It was week of sweat, emotion, discovery and joy. Below is one of the participant's reflections on the final day and saying goodbye.


Leaving the Masai village today I found myself speechless. This experience was literally like stepping into National Geographic and being met with unconditional love that words just cannot quite describe.

Today we went to the school to say our goodbyes and we were met with all the school children singing the alphabet. They were so lit up! Their old school had been painted by us also over the last few days and you could just see the happiness in their eyes. Several people donated school supplies and to be honest I have no idea how that much stuff fit in our luggage! There were balls, jerseys, hand knitted hats and anything you could possibly need to make school more fun for the children.










After our gifts were given the Masai women began singing a beautiful song. Jacob told us they were blessing is for helping them so much. This is when it becomes completely surreal. They took necklaces from their necks and placed them around each of our necks. We could not understand the words they were singing and it didn't matter, there was a connection and love there that left most of us in tears - not out of sympathy or sadness but from complete joy of sharing this building process together.










As we watched the children flying kites and playing with their new balls it really set in that we were a part of something that will affect so many generations to come. There is a love here in Nairobi and in the Masai village that doesn't come from things, it comes straight from their hearts and you feel it everywhere you are.

Lauren Carr Lewy, Seva Safari participant


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