Just another amazing day with my amazing AYP community!

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Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on August 07, 2012

After leaving the village the Seva Safari returned to Nairobi to attend another AYP community class at the new space on Saturday and visit outreach classes in the community on Sunday. Below is an account of Saturday by one of the Seva Safari participants.


August 4th, Saturday

"Open your heart as much as you choose, as much as you can, share it with the world." -Melody Beattie

Since last Saturdays class I’ve been looking forward to coming back to Diamond Plaza for Saturday morning yoga class! I was so excited to see our AYP teacher  friends because I was already feeling separation anxiety after only being apart for only 14 hours!!

Walking into that space to practice yoga with my new community felt so comforting. Upon walking in, a 12 year old girl introduced herself to me as Betty and she helped me set my mat up. When I asked her where her mat was she answered that she didn't have one. So we just pulled a community mat over so we could practice next to each other.










Yoga class was lead by Billy but we had guest teacher appearances by Rachell, Jen, Jimbo, Erica, Mel and Lauren, which was great to see yet another inspiring side to my new friends.  The assists were given by AYP teachers and also fellow Seva Safari participants which gave the class more depth – both physically and emotionally. During the whole practice Betty and I giggled, laughed and were just playful. After class she helped me roll up my mat and we cleared up our practice space I realized I needed to clear some of my own space for some new experiences in my life and offered Betty my own  first yoga mat as her own first yoga mat and she gladly accepted. We got to spend the next couple of hours shopping from the AYP teacher market- yet another side to our friends showed up- as craft makers and we got to pick up treasures for our family and friends.










The hardest part of this trip so far was when the time had come to say good bye to our AYP teachers we have to come to know, love, and respect while working together for the past week on the work site. So many special connections have been made. Every hug I gave, the more emotionally overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to have spent such a special  experience with each and every AYP teacher I became. A lot of tears and comforting occurred at this time.










The rest of the afternoon we were given some free time to do “what ever we wanted” and after awhile we found ourselves gathered together and that was exactly what we wanted.

Dinner was followed by a discussion of ways to continue being of service at home inspired by some interesting facts of world poverty. As usual there were lots of clearings, acknowledgements, tears, laughter and support. Just another amazing day with my amazing AYP community!

Christa Switzer, Seva Safari participant


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