The Community Class At AYP Shine Center

By Erin Anderson
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on November 08, 2013

Community is a word that was relevant years between the 70’s and back where social support in families helped people overcome hard times and situations. A place to offload, share, mingle and have absolute fun in the midst of all this. Communities were safety nets that held people in checks as they had a place to fall back to when things got tough. Today however people are not as close and available as they were back then and the entries of social media and networks that eat into people’s personal space and time have not made things any easier. If things go unchecked we are heading towards a psychological anarchy, some kind of jungle society where everyone is territorial and operates from the animalistic instincts as opposed to sense or logic. This is where the Saturday community class becomes relevant. 

The Saturday community class at the Shine center is designed to bring the people together and restores back the honor and glamour of a community and especially in this current generation that is faced with numerous challenges and struggles. This is a platform to unwind after a week long stretch of hard work at a desk, counter, road, pitch or wherever and whatever you have spend your week doing. If you are wondering what kind of people I am talking about the answer is; everybody comes in; from the lowest to the highest class individuals (whatever that means), come to this class.

The Shine center which is based solely on the transformative powers of yoga allows anybody and everybody in, to its full capacity of between 250- 300 persons every Saturday. This class has new entrants counting up to a minimum of 20-30 individuals every other time. The benefits of this class are so individualized and therefore varied. You are invited to come and witness your personal transformation into the enlightened self by simply accepting to be part of the community. The numbers make the essence and the coming together brings fulfillment and a sense of belonging. It is refreshing to feel easy, safe and comfortable in a group of strangers coming from all walks of life, some of them with unbelievable background stories, some from the rich and well educated and some with no educational background. Some are experienced practitioners of yoga and some who are totally new to this experience of mind and body training. You flash your eyes around to see if anybody is looking at you, maybe sensing your insecurities but nobody is looking. Somehow everybody seems to be self absorbed, preparing to sink into this individual world among a forest of people in sweatshirts, shorts and body tights; strange right! It is amazing how so many people would come together to share a commonality in practice and way of life. It inspires unity, peace, love, harmony and connection among the people.


Bonds are created and friendships are forged through sharing and partnering in these yoga sessions. There is absolute fun if you come with open minded and open hearted because open is the key word; open the doors to your potential, open possibilities in your life, open space for someone else, open mind for new challenges and therefore growth. Come and meet the qualified and certified Baptiste African yoga teachers who will take you through Vinyasa power yoga full of life, vibrant and energetic variations. A sure way to make you sweat and enjoy a serious workout that will leave you feeling invigorated, cleansed and good as new. Are you curious yet? You should be…Welcome on board flight AYP shine center Saturday class. Take off time 10am East African time landing after 2 hours of juicy fun guaranteed. Enjoy your flight.




Wow! What a great athletics spot is this how I wish am there as a coach to come and postray my intelligent in according to the rule and regulation of the forunder.. And if any assistant shows please am available. Thanks.

Emperor Mos on February 05, 2014

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