By Jody Edgar
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on January 28, 2014

Breathing is the procedure that pulls air in and pushes air out of the respiratory system or oxygen through  other  respiratory organs like  gills. Yogis are  human  beings and  hence they  don’t  have gills, so then  I have got no business discussing gills in this context. Breathing is to draw air in and expel from the lungs, to suck in oxygen and expel co2 through natural processes, to breath in and out freely, to pause and rest before continuing, to blow softly, to breathe new life into the movement and/ or to give rest from exertion.
As  yogis,  breathe is what  fundamentally  establishes the link  between  us  as  a  people; it is the foundation under which all is built, like an army base where all troupes have a convergence zone,a central point of operation; it is like the root of a giant oak tree. Invisible as it is with a bare eye, it is effective enough to beat the heaviest and or deadliest animal into submission. Monicah was sharing with us the other day during the art of living workshop at the Shine center that breath is the first act we do when are born, then we cry and the rest of the people laugh and celebrate. It is the last act we do when we die then everybody else cries!
My  teacher  Baron  Baptiste  says  breathe  is  pure,  raw  energy  that  sweeps  through  you  like  a cleansing  wind.  It  carries Prana,  or  life  force,  to  every  micro  part  of  your  being. With  every exhalation  you literally  bring  new life into  your  body, with  every  exhalation  you  clean  house. The same thing the city council is supposed to be doing on the streets except that they mostly do not maintain the integrity of the act!
He  goes  ahead  and  pinpoints  out  that,  through  matching  and  mirroring  your  movements  with your  breath;  you  peel away the layers  of  resistance. Breathe is what  sustains  you at  your edge and allows you to move past it into new mental, emotional, and physical  frontiers.  In this way you  are  meeting  inner  resistance  with  a  neutralizing  force.  If  you  can  stay calm  and  breathe through your pose, that layer of resistance dissolves away.
If you feel weighed down or anxious, breathe. It will make calm your nerves and tension disappears.
If you are concerned about an arising circumstance, or stuck in some past situation, breathe. It will connect you to the present and land you in the now!
If you are too fast in movement, breathe. It makes a good reminder for you to ease down, and be conscious of the life around you  more.
Breathe, and have fun in each and every  moment of this life. They’re too short lived and few to squander. 
Yoga teaches us to be aware of our own breathe and therefore remain in touch and relevant to the present moment while being in appreciation because that is where life is; now, in the present moment.


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