Tinashe Michael Muza (Zimbabwe) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on April 28, 2015

Tinashe Michael Muza (Zimbabwe) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  What his Teacher Training journey has inspired him to do.

Memories of yesterday can't fade away; being part of this exciting Africa yoga project teacher training program was epic. 

As I applied to be part of the training it never really dawned on me what I was to expect in the process but alas outside of having to learn the poses on my yoga mat I got to learn distinctive personal values of integrity and authenticity.

The experience was enlightening; in every discussion session we had I learnt of profound life concepts concerning conflict resolution and wellness. 

My thinking has been broadened and I am living open to possibilities of being up to something bigger than myself.

I am inspired to spend more time and energy on being a solid supportive person who uplifts, inspires and motivates others to strive towards their ultimate potential being.

Three concrete results from teacher training program;

  1. I now teach Baptiste yoga with an in depth understanding.
  2. I am able to do the Baptiste yoga journey to power sequence from integration to deep rest using the four pillars.
  3. I have gained flexibility, my dancing has improved I feel more open and lighter in my movements

It was fun meeting different people across the globe, interacting, sharing making friends with amazing people, the vibe and sense of belonging was overwhelming thus I am forever grateful for this experience.


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