Charity Kahuki (Kenya) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on April 28, 2015

Charity Kahuki (Kenya) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  How Teacher Training helped her choose herself!  


Choosing Myself….

Teacher Training 2015, One of the best experiences of my life!

I was excited about teacher training; being a new AYP staff member I thought it would be a teambuilding experience and that I would strengthen my relationships with my colleagues and that would be pretty much it.

Team building, I sure did. The level of connection however, I never could never have predicted! 2015 Teacher training participants feel like family to me and I would move heaven and earth to help out any one of them.

Above and beyond the connections was the fact that I found my truth at teacher training.

I was in denial about my health for a long time hiding behind the story that it was ok for an African girl to be curvy and that a few extra pounds were no big deal, in fact I called myself curvy yogini and laughed off my fears. The laughter was just a mask though and through teacher training I confronted the fact that I need to do something about my health as it affects my vitality and how I show up in my different engagements in life.

I am now taking care of myself, eating healthy well balanced meals, hydrating, working out four times a week and already I can see a world of difference on my skin and in my energy levels. I am also leading the change amongst my friends and family with some of them signing for yoga classes already and others coming for community class on Saturday and loving it, which is a huge step from their usual lives.

My take home from teacher training, choosing myself and others as they are, and as they are not; I am work in progress but I truly embrace me and those I choose as they are and as they are


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