Ndarake Aniefiok (Nigeria) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on May 30, 2015

Ndarake Aniefiok (Nigeria) - 2015 Teacher Training Scholar:  His journey across Africa



Am so happy being selected one amongst the numerous number of participant to take part in this great game of reality, I call it GAME OF REALITY” because my mentality has been change and have been intuited mentality of Love, Peace, Joy, Unity and numerous to mention, I can’t believe myself being real and sincere to people, but just a game of 200HRS I was transform, Flexibility, Body stretches, Life expansion, Peace of mind is being accountable for in my Life.

I want to use this medium to advice and encourage people living with the Word Stereotype” this word is so powerful in human life which make one stuck in life and career, So my advice is please fellow Africans use this sentence GIVE UP WHAT YOU MUST” for stereotype so you can move forward in Life, They is proverb that says “NO GOOD THING COMES EAZY” people have start criticizing me of worshipping idol, indulge in cultism but I never mind because if nobody talk about you that means you are nobody, so I now realize that am somebody and am also taking a good steps.

In just 200HRS in Nairobi, Kenya am transform, Empowered and have become person many are looking-up to, person who give breakthrough to people living in Stuck Or Stagnant situation, my vision has shifted from imagination to reality, am made to understand that Great men of today started from One step yesterday, so what am I waiting for pushing my steps to success and reality to diminish imagination.

These is a One in a Life time experience, which every person had to be indulge and engage, I want to acknowledge Africa Yoga Project for shifting my vision and giving nuclear vision in Life, If not for Yoga game of Love who will I be in my home country.

They story has just begin sit-back and relax for continuity of my story, thank you each and everyone in Africa Yoga Project.  -Ani


Ani keep it up this is every where, people talk noses to each other.
You are rock. But good enough you who you are, who you wanna be and what you are doing so that’s the best thing. Stay positive.

Timothy on October 06, 2015

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