Preparing for Seva Safari

By Erin Anderson
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on July 27, 2012

I love to think of life as one big adventure. I mean all of it, all the way from the small stuff like the doing the laundry to the big stuff like taking a trip to Africa. Life is this amazing adventure that we get to experience - clogged drains, mountain peaks and all, and in just a few short weeks, I'll be on a plane with brand new friends to begin one of those big adventures - a trip to Africa.

The 2012 Seva Safari trip is just around the corner. Our final pre-flight call has been completed, and we are setting our sights on the next step of this adventure - taking flight. For months, we have been in preparation - executing the most amazing fundraising events, dreaming about what sleeping at a Masai camp will be like, making plans with our families, organizing our work schedules and filling up to the brim with anticipation. And as the adventure continues so does the uniqueness of this experience. We will each bring our own unique energy to this adventure to make this trip unlike any before or any to come, and for that, I am immensely grateful to be in partnership with all of you on this journey.

Our final pre-flight call landed me on the runway ready for this adventure. As we aired out our fears and concerns and set our intentions with one another, I felt our new community take shape, and for me, community is always what the adventure is about. I was inspired by how willing we all were to participate in the conversation, to share openly, because it is through our participation that this experience will come to life for each one of us and for us as a community.

I am so excited to zip my backpack shut and to embrace this new adventure fully with this community, this global community of passionate warriors of possibility. Much love for what's to come.
Jimbo Graves

A couple of days ago, a student walked up to me before a yoga class and said, "Congrats on making your fundraising goal. You did it!" My response was "No, WE did it. It was all of us as a community that made it possible."

Community - this was a topic of discussion for our AYP conference call yesterday. To me, community is the coming together of like - minded people who work together for a greater cause. Communities are extensions of our family - we support each other during the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me on this journey. The conversations, phone calls, and financial contributions have helped me immensely. More than that, you have showed up and SHINED at every opportunity with your beautiful light and energy.

I will take your light, love, and energy with me to Africa as I embark on this wonderful adventure. I know that it will challenge me in every way possible and I cannot wait - I am READY!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Mel McGovern


Wow - cant believe it is almost here. Just over a week to go, so much to do and I want it to be here now. I am trying to savor every moment though, so I can really enjoy it, knowing that the whole thing will go by so fast. Today I saw Jessica at the studio, we were talking about what we were bringing, extra luggage - things to be left behind. Having a hard time sleeping now, it's all the anticipation and excitement - what clothes to bring? How many pairs of shoes, do I bring my ipad? what about my BB? How will I communicate with my family at home? Getting my hair done tomorrow - not sure why, not like it will really matter - just habit I guess.

Looking forward to meeting you all,
Jen Noordijk


Hey Heidi!I am currently in Madrid and my hansubd and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Germany. I am an English teacher here and so far haven’t had too much trouble finding jobs. Is is difficult to find a job as an English teacher there?Thanks!

Daniel on October 09, 2015

I came home to Boston this week. My first day home, my friend Kait and I vteiisd the Clam Box in Ipswich happened to be opening day! Then we drove up and down route 1A till we found a beach with little snow and semi-decent lighting. Tons of fun. You can see more shots of Kait at my blog.

Ralph on December 05, 2012

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