By Angie Wilkins
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on November 21, 2012

AYP had the pleasure of hosting Phillip Askew in Kenya during the first week of November. Personally, I had never heard about him but I was ready or so I thought.

His way of teaching is quite different and that is the one class where I can openly admit to having done watch poses, as Moses calls them, for half the class. I was not alone, at least, because there’s something about having everyone making hilarious effort towards flowing during a yoga class. At the end of the class, I had one word for it- Murder.

But I did wonder what it would take to move my yoga practice to the next level. I appreciate the fact that Phillip is absolutely talented and I am positive it takes a lot of practice to get there. People have varying reasons for doing yoga- my reasons have evolved over the two year period that I have done yoga. I can barely do a wheel (I feel so heavy and can’t lift myself upJ ) Once during community class, I fell over forwards on someone else trying to do a headstand without a wall for support, and I realized I just was not ready to do that pose just yet. Thankfully no one got hurt, but it did make for a funny moment there. What’s life if you can’t take a few moments to laugh at yourself, right?

But after Phillip’s class, I could do a shoulder stand, transition it into a bridge pose, move it up a notch to a cow pose and do the basic of all basic wheel poses. Oh, not forgetting a headstand on my forearms…with the wall for support of course! How is that for progress?

I did some research on Phillip; turns out he has 11 years of yoga practice under his belt. When I found that out, I laughed because it made sense now that he is so good and flexible and can really fly.

 But, thank you Phillip Askew for showing me what my yoga practice can evolve into! I only hope I can get there much sooner.




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