As I Bid 2012 Goodbye

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on January 01, 2013

Days have been moving fast…abnormally fast in comparison to my preschool days. Seconds become
minutes and minutes become hours, then to a day, to days, to weeks, to months and the year is over.
Consciously or unconsciously time passes by and by and by the end of the year what is left valuable to
me is the moments good and bad that were memorable. The moments I smiled broadly, challenged
my fears to do a headstand, the struggles and successes I had with time management and financial
managements are some of the moments that stand out as I reflect on the year that has been.

The best thing that ever happened to me this year was getting into a yoga class. I must say curiosity
got me to my first yoga class. Well, unlike many first timers in a yoga class, I had the privilege of having
some one tell me to dress up for a workout class as opposed to dressing for a meditation class. He was
however keen to not give details on what to expect in the class.

I remember coming into the class and found people on the down dog towards the transition to an
upward facing dog. I stood at the door and thought to myself ‘what the hell are these people doing.’
Observing the flow and the energy in the class I got too excited to imagine I would not stand the
exercises for two hours. Mind you I had not worked out in two years time. You can guess what that
meant for me in the following five days. I enjoyed the class, felt powerful and energetic and most of all

There are people who believe in love at first sight; others believe in love as a journey; while still for
others love should grow from the interest and liking to an inseparable bond. I can’t quite tell how I fell
in love with yoga but perhaps it could be a combination of all. The benefits and relationship that I have
with yoga is what matters most.

As I bid 2012 goodbye, most of my memorable moments revolve around my yoga love affair and AYP.
My outstanding relationship with me, the way I have become aware of me and my environs, the way I
embrace my struggles and weaknesses and with patience and focus work towards overcoming them,
learning to be accommodative of students from all backgrounds and other teachers, not to forget I am
now on a payroll:) are just few of the best things that have happened to me.

On this day, that the year is coming to an end, I acknowledge the AYP community. Our students for
being open to learn from us, fellow teachers, the AYP staff, Billy and Paige for being great leaders.

On this day,

May we embrace that, which has been good and bad to us,

Celebrate ourselves for not only surviving but also thriving

May we welcome a new spirit, new energy, new opportunities, and new possibilities.



Winnie Murugi


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