Now That I Know What I Want

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on January 04, 2013

A few days ago, when 2013 was not here yet, I kept telling myself how great the coming year was

going to be. I kept building up my to-do lists and wish list. It was exciting to know that I had a chance to

start all over again. With new energies, new focus, new aspiration, new opportunities and possibilities

everything is within reach. Not to forget a second chance to do what I didn’t quite manage to do last


It’s now three days into the New Year and I have not done much into achieving anything on my to-do

list. At times it gets me panicky… will I really manage it? Was I too ambitious? Do I have what it takes?

And at such points a lot of ‘what ifs’ emerge and I tend to be cowered down. Looking back at what I

have been able to achieve, to challenge, to overcome, to learn, to take chances with: I smile at the great

life ahead of me this year.

Life can tend to be rollercoaster of emotions. Rolling from extreme confidence to extreme fear. From

a lot of certainty to a lot of doubt. From a happy mood to a really sad mood. Like Paige puts it with

Penzi, a baby can be at one moment be laughing and smiling all over then before you know it, it is crying


We are in charge of choosing what we want the year to be for us. This is not to say challenges won’t be

there but we have the will power to choose what we want and live per the choice. Come to think of it,

don’t we have more of the happy moments than sad moments? But isn’t human nature to focus and

dwell on the tough moments?

Now that I know what I want with this year, the year that is already here, am choosing to get grounded,

focus on the drishti that is my goals, balancing my energies to get the proper alignment of the posture,

enjoying every moment, feeling every moment and oming to the support of the universe.

Winnie, teaching at kiambu Center 


Winnie Murugi


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