How Do You Experience Deep Rest?

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on January 05, 2013

Deep rest...Corpse Pose... Savassana. I experience deep rest as a space to realize my ability to be at peace with where I am with my life. After a journey that exposses me to the simplicity or the complexity of my being, I surrender to rest!

Billy Sadia


Sadia, If someone thwors cockroaches on passersby, that clearly falls within legal definitions of assault. That is not creative, that is criminal. I mean, there’s been a national debate in the USA, in recent weeks, regarding violent videos on YouTube — so why, why, why would you promote physical assault and animal cruelty to kick off a big “creative” challenge? Is there some explanation?

Yohan on October 08, 2015

beautiful words! YaY

Lins on January 08, 2013

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