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By Jody Edgar
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on January 08, 2013

For a period of three months now, one of my students has shown up for all my classes, every day. One day after a 1hour class, I asked my students how the class was and told them share their experience of that day's class. Particularly speaking to the changes they felt in their bodies.

She shared with the whole group and said that after eight years of military combat, she has noticed a great downsize of stress. Ever since she started practicing with me, she has been experiencing an abundance of calm!! I am inspired to keep teaching yoga!

Calvin Acha!



Where can I purchase that shirt?

douglas goodbee on June 05, 2013

Hi !My name is Ellie, I go to Spratton C of E Primary School, I live in Creaton with my brother and my mum and dad. I have a dog caelld Lolly and a cat caelld Puss. I am 9 years old and my birthday is on the 13th of November. My hobbies are football, arts and craft and bike riding.I go to lots of clubs in school, I go to mathletics, gardening, art and textiles . I go to some out of school as well like cubs, pilots and football.My favouite food is spaghetti bolognise, but when I go on holiday to Norfolk I love fish and chips because it is near the sea so the fish is realy nice!My best friends are Issie, Ruby, Ayesha, Dilon and Ella From Ellie!

Lungile on January 25, 2013

Go Calvin!!!! You are an inspiration to the world….love from Cold Canada!!

Joanne Seviour on January 08, 2013

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