I believe that wealth is a state of mind!

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on January 13, 2013

 During a workshop on the business of yoga that was conducted last year by Cher Murphy, we looked at

the benefits of yoga. In my head I was thinking spiritual, emotional, physical benefits and it did not occur

at anytime that yoga had financial benefits on me as a practitioner. Then came the challenge: pair up

and discuss the benefits of yoga to you as a practitioner and to your client. Honestly, at the first instance

I thought….eeh…. there is none.

Then it clicked: a belief in possibilities, less stress, more efficiency, less mental fatigue, increased ability

to network, increased awareness of me and my surroundings, increased awareness on my beliefs and

attitudes towards money, awareness and clarity of my spending and money making patterns just to

mention some. There we go! There is so much we can leap financially from practicing yoga.

Let’s look at it critically, how much more can you be able to do with your time if you decongested the 2-

3hrs you spent feeling stressed and trying to figure things out? If you are in a space in which all that you

see are the possibilities in your financial life, how much could you do to improve it? If you enjoyed what

you are doing and your performance was improved, how much more would you leap from your current

source of income? If you no longer spent loads of money on the doctor, how much would you save or


I believe that wealth is a state of mind. The greatest investment one can make is to allow your state of

mind to be in a space that allows you to manage your current wealth, see more possibilities of creating

more wealth and enjoy each moment you are living. And Yoga gives you exactly that!

So, the next time you will be talking about the benefits of yoga, make sure to talk about the financial

benefits as well.

Winnie Murugi


I have just come back from your class and I am completely heookd. I loved it! I found you sensitive but rigorous and with a unique blend of seriousness and humour it just had a lovely profound affect on me. Thank you J x

Brener on January 23, 2013

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