In Memory Of Evans.

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on March 16, 2013

 I am still in shock that Evanso is no longer here.

I had no idea what his last name was. I just know he was called Evans or Evanso, he was a dancer and loved yoga- he was an amazing teacher. And he had a great laugh; I mean in a room full of eighty people, you only had to hear him laugh, and you would know he was there.

My very first encounter with him was seeing the lovely bracelets he wore. And his well kept dreadlocks- that’s what I would aspire to. Then he asked for a book I was reading, and I lent it to him. I also had the pleasure of practicing next to him once, and that was one of the greatest classes I had, because we all kept on laughing.

I had my last conversation with him about a month ago over lunch. I was hoping to continue talking to him after.

His demise has made me realize many things- that we should make an effort to know people, that we can touch many people’s lives, even if we don’t do it on purpose. That we should not postpone those conversations that we always keep meaning to have. We don’t know.

AYP has lost a great man, but his spirit lives on through the lives many he touched, including mine.

I celebrate you Evans;  may your soul rest in eternal peace!


 Bree Orata


We didn’t forget about you eitehr, Rony! It’s really great to hear from you again, I think it’s more than 10 years since the last time we saw each other.I wish I could write you in french, but it was quite a while since I last spoke the language. I’ve been studying swedish, literature and journalism these last years.We should talk more at some point! Meanwhile, if you want to see pictures of how my family looks nowadays you can check out ! There are some photos of them among the others.e0 bientf4t!

Amalu on October 08, 2015

if only tears would bring you back. Whenever i think of you I feel empty the thought of I will never see you again breaks me.

Beth Mwangi on May 19, 2013

Beautiful post. I feel the same.

Topistar J. Ngambona

Topistar on March 18, 2013

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