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By jimbo Graves
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on April 12, 2013

Yesterday participants had the chance to teach an outreach class. Groups visited orphanages, schools and prisons to share yoga. Each teacher taught a portion of the Baptiste Power Yoga flow and had the chance to connect with the students. Below Lauren Lewey and Courtney Griffin, both Seva Safari 500 hour teacher training participants, share their experiences of the day.

"AYP teacher training has been an experience like nothing else. This experience has made so clear that through all of the different cultures, languages, sign language and translators we are all the same. The connection is indescribable. When we are in the moment with each other, background and knowledge make no difference because that moment together is a miracle.


Today at an outreach in Kangemi we practiced with kids and adults, some who were practicing for the first time. It was also some of the teachers first time to teach. It was so much fun! Some poses even lead to dancing! Taking all seriousness that sometimes gets associated with yoga away, there is so much fun! No doing it the "perfect" way, just being with people. So freeing!

Africa has a heartbeat! A life to it that I felt the moment I landed here. I cannot get enough! It has and continues to empower me to create this in my own community. It has helped me to see clearly what is most important in life: love and community!"

- Lauren Lewey





"Incredible day with Africa Yoga Project working with the outreach programs. My group visited the women's prison and taught yoga to the children who live there alongside their mothers as they serve time. The experience was fun and amazing like most of this program has been. 

I feel connected and joyful. It seems crazy to visit a slum or a prison and leave with love and joy and to actually laugh and celebrate, but that has been exactly what has happened. I have laughed and shared and connected in so many new ways with so many different people. This world is good even when it seems bad."

- Courtney Griffin 



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zsomonsfbda on June 24, 2013

What a great, big, fantastic love of and for life you are all experiencing! Can’t wait to see and hear more! I have so much love and respect for the whole Seva Safari community! Shine On!

Belle Fair on April 12, 2013

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