An Act of Silence

By jimbo Graves
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on April 19, 2013

Teacher training involves getting to know a deeper awareness of yourself, a generous listening for the light in me and the light in each and every other that surrounds me. Marybeth Donahoe, a 200hr participant, shares her experience of diving deep into training during an exercise of silence and listening. 

"Last night's exercise was amazing, full of positivity and encouragement. We started by sitting with our eyes closed and listening to Lisa Taylor. She told us to think of a time when we were a happy child, with nothing to fear and surrounded by love. She had us envision that the child self was in the same room as us. Then she asked us to give our child self a hug and tell them the one thing that our adult self would share with the child self, by saying 'You are...'. 

We then sat in silence with our eyes closed. Each person then got out of their seat, walked around the entire circle and gently whispered their saying into everyone's ear. I sat there, listening intently, allowing my entire being to absorb the wonderful expressions: "You are a gift, you are worthy, you are happiness, you are unity and peace.." and the kind words kept coming and coming. It felt liberating to whisper such kind words to the group, "You are destined for greatness!" knowing that it was truly how I felt for myself and for others. 

After everyone had their chance to share their whisper, we took a vow of silence. If you know me, you would think that it would be one of the hardest things for me to do, to be silent and to just observe. Surprisingly, I found this vow of noble silence enlightening. It opened my eyes to the world around me and gave me a sense of how powerful listening is and brightened my awareness for the words I do use. 

My goal is to speak from the true positivity that I feel at the core of my being."


Well done Jimbo for the compilation of this warm share by Marybeth. Its goes a step further to confirm that the experience I went through wasn’t a lie but an absolute truth. Thank you all for the share and hence the affirmation of the irreplaceable truth. Yoga is connection in its entirety.

Cheloti on April 20, 2013

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