I Am Transformed

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on June 05, 2013

I get a lot from yoga, it inspires me to give back to the community I come from. My friends from the streets are still there and they are troubled. What I really feel in my heart is how can I help them. Yoga makes me strong and makes me talk to them to inspire them and that is my motivation.

I think yoga has taught me that the greatest thing you can ever do is to give back. Not to get but to give back. The biggest challenge in my life has been completing high school. School in Kenya is not free and the fees were too expensive; I could only go for 1 week in a month. I think this traumatized me; I wanted to go to school but I couldn’t and I cannot blame my mom because I understood her situation.  

Yoga has inspired me to serve my community by getting involved in social activities like community clean-ups and fighting against drugs. Even though they live in the slums, my students practice yoga because it really brings them to the present moment and makes them forget their past.


 James Thairu



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Wat if a person needs some help,so that he/she can help others.

Mercy Tumbo. on July 07, 2013

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