Readiness Is All You Need

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on August 05, 2013

“To be informed is to be transformed and to be un-informed is to be deformed.” Joshua 1:8. Information is the baseline for mans advancement anywhere anytime any day. I have invested my time in search of one unifying art that will fulfill my dream as an artist. It is important to me that I “be what I want to be when I grow up.” Naturally, it is logical for me to say yes to that which matters the most to me; to impact people’s lives through teaching. Yoga is my land cruiser. It gives me a chance to give back to the community, to empower individuals and to enhance physical and mental health of the people as a whole.

Saying yes is the first step towards realization of my input to this noble course. Similarly, the collective preparedness of the mind, body and spirit is what stands for readiness. I hunger for information, knowledge and skill related to yoga.

I am involved with the Baptiste’s style of yoga. I like its accommodating features of the current wave of fitness and culture. I am on to my marks, and ready to take off to the end of the finish line and beyond. Along the way, I aspire to inspire those who are keen watchers and eventual beneficiaries of this mileage before I expire. As a result, I am in acceptance which is the first step towards resolution as the wise put it, and readiness which comes in the wake of a conscious personal consultation.

I am ready now and willing to give up that which I must, for the success of this mission and course as it is. Nothing will prevent the water from flowing down stream. It will meander around any obstacle to retain course. In this context, Iam the water.


Kennedy Chelloti




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