The Questions We Ask Ourselves

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on August 19, 2013

I am frantically searching myself. I am in the process of self discovery. Little did I know how difficult this could be? My teacher
asks me to write down a whole list of terms that I think best describes who I am. So we are put together me and my partner and so are the rest of the trainees in the room. My partner is supposed to continuously ask me the critical question, “Who are you” and I on the other hand I am to answer back with a word/term that springs to mind without overly thinking about it.

It has been a whole minute or so and my partner is relentless on her questioning that is now beginning to sound more of a sing song to me and forcing me to think even when I am not supposed to. Looking down on her without a doubt famine and clear handwriting on my pad, it reveals a whole 3 column page of words from top to bottom. “Oh my God and you are still asking?” that was my reaction and evidently not mine alone.  We swapped places and I took her place in asking. Later we are
asked to go through our individual lists and cross out all the words that were observable characteristics. If you can observe it, if it is something you can BE, HAVE or DO, then that’s not who you are. So word to word, term to term I crossed off each and every word on my page and so did my partner. “ whaaaaat” you would say. I was left dumbfounded but begun to grasp something. The teacher was driving a point and In for one was very curious. I wanted to understand what that was. I needed to understand what that was.


Summation: That which I can observe becomes a thing. Drawing from lack of words left on my written list, it follows that I am definitely, Not A Thing. The only thing that I remained with on my page was; No Thing--------combined = NOTHING. I am ………………………Nothing. Aaaha!!Are you with me up to that point? You better be because frankly this is a tricky path to self discovery and you would do good treading softly here or better yet feel free to retrace your steps and come again, it builds your mental muscle. The theory is pretty simple in its basic principle, you might miss it.

Yes man, I am nothing. I say it again I am nothing! This leaves me hollow/empty. On the positive side, this creates space for absolutely everything. In this hollow existence, I am full of chances of fabrication; I could mold myself into a new me, re-wire myself to think differently, change my direction and what I think about life in general. I have just expanded my margin of possibilities, because out of nothing I can build, create, and mold everything I want. I am Nothing and that is who I am. Who are you!!

This is the question that comes to mind every single time I step on to
my mat in a yoga session. The answers will then start flowing easily;
I am:-
•       possibility,
•       energy,
•       love,
•       stability,
•       flexibility,
•       earth,
•       student,
•       teacher,
•       Patience….the list is endless.

I find myself smiling till the person close to me can’t help but join me in smiles. It is infectious, you should try it.

Ken Cheloti


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