What Role Do You Play In Conflicts?

By Billy Sadia
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on September 17, 2013

It’s a lot easier to stay in the blame game than it is to accept and take ownership of the role that I play in conflicts in my life. Acceptance of my role in conflicts within and without is the very first step towards solving whatever problem there might be as it was clearly highlighted in a mentorship workshop of team Africa by Catherine the director of yoga teachers AYP.
If I could learn to own up, take responsibility of my actions and inactions, then most of my fights will be immensely reduced to a simple longing to reconnect with one-self and misunderstandings respectively. Consequently this would save me a lot of pain, time and embarrassment, not mentioning the psychological and physical injuries that I sustain in dealing 
Yoga gives me tools to deal softly and effectively in resolving both internal and external conflicts in my life. Coming from being a YES, a theme of Baptiste yoga; one learns to embrace and acknowledge the parts they play in the self written script of their own life. Each one of us is the sole choreographer, script writers and sculptors of the lives that we lead. So it’s only logical that we don’t let our emotions and other external factors including other people to run our lives. We hold the key to unlock that which binds us negatively. We can release ourselves from this bondage; only if we knew how. Come and find out on a yoga mat as you carry out a self inquiry.Learn and share the secret of unbinding as we travel down the journey into power with Baptistevinyasa power yoga!
Ken Cheloti


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