The Big Yoga Pose!

By Erin Anderson
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on October 11, 2013

Root down and raise up mountain pose.

Lift your hands above your head. Point your fingers towards the heavens, palms facing each other with an internal extension. Spread your fingers like the tentacles they are and shine. Gaze up in between your hands and smile to the universe as you invite in all that is good and also in anticipation of the good flow of positive energy and connection. Stretch an inch higher elongating your spine graciously and in deep gratitude. Standing in your true north alignment; tadasana.

It is that moment in time to fully make empty my cup. A full cup has no room, mine is empty and hungry for a refill. The raising up and growing tall is a reminder for me to reach up to a higher energy source in the universe that we so take for granted and yet it is without pay. There is for sure a greater force within our universe, and the evidence is all around us. Only problem is, it is so commonplace we take it for granted. We all have this opportunity to use this creative Force to accomplish our goals, but only few use it. This force has been handed to us on a silver platter, completely free. But the imperfect nature of human beings which is inherent in me and in all of us, we value material things like homes, cars, tv sets, boats, and place little value in things unpaid for e.g. body, mind, families, friends, good health, love and natural laws of the universe. The truth is that the material things that we value so much are actually very cheap and can be replaced. But when free things get lost – they are gone forever. “Best things in life are free.” They are available for the taking. They are responsible for bringing happiness in our life. I am taking advantage of these natural laws to guide me into happiness and success as I reach up to grab and use that which is naturally given to me for free. Yoga is my train; the asanas do the shaping of the rail path.

Ground down like earth, both feet together facing 12 o’clock. Ground down the four corners of your feet; spread your toes out on the mat. Inner angles back, outer angles down, outer shins in and now from the skin to the muscle to the bone hug in.

Keep your pelvis neutral, lift the front of your pelvis as the tail bone descends. Build an inner fire, pull the pit of your belly in and up as you draw the front of the ribs together and expand the mid back. Expand from the inside out.

Soften like air, thoracic spine draws in, upper arm bones back, shoulder blades move towards the spine and press into the body. Create space for something new. Draw in to create a full expression out. Taking it all in as it was mine and yours right from the start.



Beautiful imagery!

Annette on September 25, 2014

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