A Poem of Appreciation for HHH Summer 2016

By Laura Schutter
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on September 08, 2016

T'was a sunny day in Nairobi and up at the gate,
Of Jomo Kenyatta airport four yoga instructors did wait...

Thus David, Nyakinyua, Brian and Millie boarded a plane, 
Not sure what was to come, but READY all the same!

This was the launch of AYP's HHH tour
Where Handstands, Hugs, Happiness and more was in store.

First up was California, New York and PA, 
And the amazing hosts made sure that during their stay
They explored the Liberty Statue and Golden Gate Bridge,
They shared dinners with host families and played with their kids.

The Tour crisscrossed the Nation, North, South, East, West, 
Nashville, Knoxville, Louisville with little rest. 

But rest was not what these Kenyan explorers sought,
But to share their stories, and inspire the lot
Of folks from Vermont to Kansas who joined
In events, from Louisiana to Virginia to drop a coin.
On fundraisers lasting weeks, days or hours
Enabling AYP more youth in Africa to Empower.

A new generation of yoga teachers was inspired when
At an outreach at iGrow Chicago young men
And women who had never practiced yoga before,
Not only joined in, but are now asking for more!

The adventures continued to NJ, Texas and Georgia
They discovered planetariums, zoos and paddle boarded in Florida!

Now our teachers are back home in Nairobi, 
with stories aplenty and new challenges for our yogis
of new poses, new stories they learned in their trip,
And happy to be home, even if only for a bit
For we know that their stories and travels will keep flowing, 
Thanks to the efforts of all, AYP can keep growing!

We send a HUGE THANK YOU and HUG to all of our hosts. 
You opened your homes, but of your hearts you gave the most!
And to everyone else who joined into the fun, 
With you in our community, look at what we have DONE!

So until next time, share a Hug, a Handstand or some Happiness if you like.
And to all a good Savasana... this week, today, tonight!



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