Introducing: Mexico Yoga Project founded by AYP Ambassador

We are inspired by not only what our community members do to support the AYP community in Africa, but the ideas and actions they take back to empower their local communities. Here is the story of an AYP Ambassador, Marisol, who is transforming communities in Mexico with Mexico Yoga Project. 

Written by Marisol González

Beloved Global Yoga Community,

I'm so honored to write to you six months after completing my Africa Yoga Project Ambassadorship. The experience has been a long beautiful journey full of learnings, emotions and inspiration.

When I first decided that I wanted to visit Africa, I wished to do it in a way that I could be able to connect with people and be a being of service. Africa Yoga Project was the perfect organization to fill this desire to explore beyond myself on the African continent. It took me five years to complete fundraising USD 10,000 (I thought it would be so much easier and that I would be standing on African soil in one year - but, as we know... “everything happens for a reason and has a perfect time”.)

During those five years I was able to create a Mexican yoga movement named “Sundays of Karma Yoga”. More than 60 national teachers and more than 600 practitioners donated their classes, practices and resources to support the Africa Yoga Project community. That feeling of fellowship went deep into my heart. I will never forget how grateful and beautiful it feels to live real yoga: union.

Since the beginning, my plan was to create Mexico Yoga Project. I wanted a deeper sense of purpose in my human life, more love, compassion, union, more yoga and a better world. Oh yeah! I really dreamed of it. I needed it.

During my second year of fundraising for Africa Yoga Project, Sundays of Karma Yoga was happening all around my country. It was as if our social media sent a message to the universe: “They are ready!” A very developed organization of Yucatán (southern Mexico), Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, contacted us because they wanted to start a pilot of Mexico Yoga Project with two of their Mayan communities.

This was one of the most beautiful gifts. I couldn´t believe that even before going to Nairobi, Kenya to complete my Ambassadorship Mexico Yoga Project would start to develop.

Last November, I was standing in a slum at Kangemi, Nairobi. I was paralyzed. I didn’t know if it would be better  to contemplate, practice, teach, take photos, hug the kids or just kneel down and pray: Thank you, life! In that moment my dream was complete and what I did the next 13 or 14 days of the program was to absorb all the love of the continent and its smiley, gorgeous and lovable people. Of course I was super inspired by everything that Africa Yoga Project had created. Oh my God! I´m so proud of all of you! May you always be full of blessings.

Now, Mexico Yoga Project is alive. We are achieving one year and a half of weekly practice in two Mayan communities. And its practitioners are ready to learn yoga teacher skills and to uplift their lives with a new job that benefits them individually and collectively.

It’s time to help Mexicans with their dream. I encourage you to support with any donation: And please, don´t skip the video we prepared with subtitles in English featuring our project and the beautiful land and people of Mexico.

Thanks Africa Yoga Project for leading the change! For inspiring other countries and for continuing to create a platform for a Global Yoga Project.


Don't miss the video we prepared with subtitles in English featuring our project and the beautiful land and people of Mexico! Watch the Mexico Yoga Project video here. 

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