July Theme of The Month

Every month our AYP Academy chooses a theme to learn and expand on.

This month : THE 5 PILLARS!
  1. Drishti - Gaze
  2. Ujjayi - Breath
  3. Bandhas - Foundation: Core, Hands, Feet
  4. Tapas - Heat
  5. Vinyasa - Flow
The 5 Pillars of Baptiste Yoga are the bricks that lay the house of our foundation.

...In more detail

  • Drishti (Gaze)

  • In yoga practice, it means focusing your eyes to one point. This focus sends soothing messages to the nervous system and brings the mind from distraction to direction. The eyes are the lens of the mind, and with Drishti you are focusing your consciousness. Drishti allows you to slow your mind and engage more deeply in your practice.
  • Ujjayi (Breath)

  • Ujjayi breath is an audible breath that has a soothing, rhythmic, oceanic quality. It is done by contracting the whispering muscles in your throat to create a long, hairline thin breath. You do not breathe all way down to your abdomen, but rather into your chest, lungs, and back. In fact, if you breathe into your belly, your power is lost.
  • Bandhas (Foundation: Core, Hands & Feet)

  • A Bandha is a lock that anchors you into your stability and strength. It is a static muscular contraction used to focus attention, stimulate heat and control the life force within us. By pulling extremities into center you draw attention to the core of your body, the epicentre of all movements. Making this core the focal point causes you to move, breath, and have your being from your center. Thus grounded, your body roots down and can then lift to a state of weightlessness.
  • Tapas (Heat)

  • Tapas translates to “purification through discipline,” “commitment” or “internal fire.” By putting into practice the first three pillars of Drishti, Ujjayi, and Bandhas, you get access to internal Tapas, or an inner heat/fire.
  •  Vinyasa (Flow)

  • Flow is the absence of resistance. When you bring flow or Vinyasa into your practice you let go into the movements and create a liquid quality that inspires deep release. It allows you to build magnificent momentum and heat to move through your practice in an effortless, seamless manner.
    Teaching and Practicing Tips
    1. Experience and put them into practice in your own personal practice to understand how to use them in class
    2. Select which pillar(s) you want to use
    3. Introduce the pillar or pillars you will use in the class before using them and share their importance. Use this in child’s pose, down-dog or chair pose.
    4. Workshop the pillar(s) you are using in the class
    5. Match the pillar(s) with poses that can bring them out e.g Ujjayi - hips, Tapas -  Warrior, Drishti - Balancing etc
    6. Play around with including them in class e.g matching each sun A to a pillar etc
    7. You can speak to how we can apply the pillars off the mat

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