Meet AYP Scholar Cynthia Nyambura

By Laura Schutter
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on November 22, 2018

As part of the Africa Yoga Project Academy, all AYP Teachers are paired with a mentor. They have monthly calls where they work through personal, profession, and leadership goals with an advocate to support them. Our mentors hail from all over the world and bring a wealth of experiences from varied backgrounds. If you would like to become a mentor, please email 

"My name is Cynthia but I go by Nyambu. I live in Banana, Kenya with my mom and two siblings, one is in high school and the last one is nine months old right now. We are a family of 4 and we are all girls. I see mentorship as where there is a person who gets guidance from a person who is more experienced in a particular area. My hopes are that I find a mentor who expresses and listens without judgements. Every chance I get to explore, I take it, and I love swimming and skating.

Things I can’t let go so easily. At not a very young age my dad committed suicide and I wasn’t with him at the moment - no one was around. It was a holiday and I was at school and I didn’t know what had happened to drive him to the idea of committing suicide. Ever since that I’ve always had questions of why he had to do such a thing. Not really having closure, really got to me and things started changing from there and then. My dad's side of the family started talking and it didn’t really give us the positive support that we needed. For them to say that mom had something to do with dad’s death. That got to me and it hit me hard, it also got to a point where they wanted to take everything dad had, but we really had to fight back though it didn’t feel right. All of this resulted to esteem issues on my side and I felt like it’s like I’d lost everything I’d ever had in terms of support and family. From then my everyday challenge is self esteem issues and feeling like am not enough, also am struggling to get everything better by practicing yoga."

When need mentors for the #Mentorship program. As an AYP MENTOR, you commit to supporting an Africa Yoga Project teacher through a 12 month leadership and personal growth curriculum conducted during monthly Skype calls.

Pre-mentorship is another 3 months that prepares the teacher to join the AYP Academy when they teach additional free yoga classes in their communities and gain access to more academy programming.

The details: Your commitment includes a monthly donation of USD 125 that helps to support:

5 FREE outreach yoga classes a week.

EMPLOYS the AYP teachers and assistants by paying them a living wage to support themselves

EDUCATES the aYP teachers in Yoga and Life skills

ELEVATES the programs and teachers of AYP

EMPOWERS thousands of individuals a week in our FREE outreach classes throughout Africa.

Will you be an AYP MENTOR?


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