By Millie Weke
Posted in Africa Yoga Project Blog, on July 30, 2018

This blog answers:

Why we provide a meal? Why is it important to provide one? Why is the meal vegetarian? Why should I stay after class to eat with strangers?

“40 Kilos of Rice to Build Community”

Why would a yoga studio need almost 40 kilos of rice and 20 kilos of chapatis (an unleavened flatbread) delivered to them every Saturday?

The answer is simple - to build and invest in our community.

Just like when new friends share a coffee or dinner to get to know each other, Food has a unique ability to make people talk and come together. Our Saturday community class is about uniting all participants on and off the mat Providing a meal is a natural opportunity for strangers to become acquaintances and even friends.


If you’ve never joined an AYP Community Class and lunch, here’s what you can expect. Fresh from a sweaty savasana,your body is hot and tired yet relaxed and hungry! You see everyone meandering over to the kitchen in a massive line, and flow of the crowd absorbs you.  You exchange a few friendly words with the people standing next to you: they says they have been here before and gush about the the chapati, “you have to try it,”. The next thing you know you’re grabbing a warm white broth. Finally, you get your piece of chapati and sit down next to someone that you have never met before. As you dig into the food, people start talking to you as if they have known you for years. Before you can ask for second helpings, you have already been absorbed and integrated into the community that is AYP.

But why these foods? Why rice, lentils, beans, and chapati? Why vegetarian? Part of making everyone feel welcome is to make sure that no one feels left out. The meal that we serve at AYP Community Classes is not only typical in Kenya - therefore, a majority of the participants are accustomed to it -  but most importantly, the ingredients are suitable to almost any diet . Plus, this winning combination- rice and beans- is also low-cost for AYP and still packs a nutritional winning punch:. the meal is vegetarian, low on the glycemic index, is full of fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium and doesn’t have any cholesterol or fat.

AYP is committed to around making our community healthy, both mentally and physically. By providing a free and well-balanced meal, we fulfill our promises to you, our community.

So when you attend the next AYP community class, make sure you stay for lunch, make a new friend, and fill up on our healthy, hearty, vegetarian lunch!

  • Free, vegetarian
  • Typical food
  • Winning combo as long as the ratio is right
  • Low cost high value
    • Low glycemic index food
    • Full of fiber
    • Potassium
    • Iron
    • Magnesium
    • cholesterol  & fat free
    • They are a superfood

1 kilo= 5 cups uncooked

Each person= .5 cups

367 people


=367*.5= 183 ish/5cups = 36.5 kilos

After community class at shine center Africa Yoga Project always have a free vegetarian lunch, which is rice and beans, but why one meal every saturday so many people ask, and the best answer is?  its affordable to a non profit organisation which is trying to make sure that you’re living healthy and strong.



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