We are in this together: a reminder for managing your mental health

As Mental Health Awareness month ends, a few reminders to support your mental health through the year...

This too shall pass
“This too shall pass,” is the phrase I use the most when I feel like things are not working out for me. Sharing how I feel with the people I trust and believe in has been one of my best  healing process. Also taking a long walk in nature, drawing, writing and doing what I like gets me out of negative thoughts. I don’t want to hurt others with what am dealing with and have developed strategies to work things out on my own...

Hurt people hurt people
I’ve come to realize that people who make other people feel bad are people who are hurting themselves. Everyone is different and it’s okay to feel how you feel, but it’s not okay to hurt other people because of what you are dealing with. We should all learn how to speak about how we feel, this will help our minds, bodies and souls and also it will keep us healthy.

Silence isn’t golden
Many people keep whatever hurts them inside themselves and they never share or talk about it. If you don’t talk, you won’t be healthy. Staying silent leads to anxiety which is a type of disorder that prevents you from living your life the way you would like to. This can evolve to depression which can feel emotional, hopeless, and despaired. Sometimes trying to even get through the day can be overwhelming. The good news is, if you learn to share what is hurting you, it will make you feel better. And no matter how hopeless you feel, you can get better.

You are not alone
Remember you are not alone, the people who smile a lot hide a lot so don’t be fooled by other people's smiles. Happiness is a choice. Life has been so sweet with some ups and downs. And what keeps me moving is knowing that I am not alone. I know that everyone is going through some tough moments and it doesn’t matter your religion, economic status or race, we all are in it together.

When you share, you heal, and sharing gives us strength to reveal ourselves and our struggles. When we understand the cause of our anxiety or depression and share our stories, we comfort others who are facing similar challenges while we too reduce our own sense of isolation.

Written by Millie Weke, AYP Teacher and staff member


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