Sally Elusa

By Claire Roth
Posted in Teachers, on December 01, 2016

I am a certified AYP 200hr Yoga Instructor and have also been trained within AYFit and the Art of Assisting. I provide private and group classes and currently teach power yoga, vinyasa flow, and pre-natal yoga. Currently I teach three private classes a day from Monday - Friday and am looking to expand my private class clientele. 

My first experience with yoga was is in 2012.  After attending a series of classes, I developed an inner interest and serious relationship with my yoga practice. It transformed my life! I knew that it was something that I wanted and needed to share.

In 2013, after completing a  Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Training led by Paige Ellenson and Kristin Mooney, I began teaching. I love sharing this practice and leaving students in possibility.  I've completed Acro-yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ayfit, Prenatal Yoga, Next Generation Yoga workshops, and attend my co-teacher's classes. These workshops and classes provide me with fresh insight and inspiration for my teaching.

My classes are a combination of physicality, self inquiry and possibility.  I focus on alignment, living a balanced life, and inspiring my students to become role models in their communities and workplaces. My expectation is to allow my students to have fun, be challenged, and own their greatness on and off their mats!     


Africa Yoga Project delivers global wellbeing in and from Africa. We practice and teach Yoga with a deep conviction that the potential to change the world lives in each of us. Our bodies and minds must be connected in order to create lasting change. We deliver tools to bring wellbeing to the world, one body at a time.

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