February 20 - March 11


Join us in the adventure of a lifetime. Tembea na Jamii 'Walk with the Community' will be a seva of sharing, playing, and climbing your way through the best that East Africa has to offer. This trip will without a doubt expand your horizons, community, and vision.


February 20 - March 1

Share Two days with your fellow yogis learning the intention behind  a YOD class  - where Yoga meets high intensity training.  Share in the action at an AYP outreach program and join the famous Saturday morning community class at the Shine Centre before heading off to the Amboseli National park for 3 days of Safari!

What to Expect Learn the intention behind a YOD class - where Yoga meets high intensity training.

Outreach Class                                                  2 Community Classes

2 Day Workshops and                                       3 Day Safari Trip

  + 1 - Day Service

YOD Seva with Danielle Jokinen 

Click below for more details and link to registration to the YOD Seva. 

February 22 -March 3

Play is the central theme of this 10 day Service and Safari Trip.  Play with the children in the slums of Nairobi and help build a place to learn and play for the children of the Masia Region.  Watch the 'game' during a three day safari in the Amboseli National Park and be prepared for a journey full of joy, fun and laughter with a huge dose of satisfaction.

What to expect 10 days immersing yourself in the culture of bustling Nairobi, the safari plains and Maasai Mara community in Amboseli.

Outreach Class                                                  2 Community Classes

3 Day Service                                                   3 Day Safari Trip


Core Seva with Sarah Shaw

Click below for more details and link to registration for Play Seva. 


February 26 - March 11

Climb: Kick off YOUR 2018 by joining Allie Nunzi of Grace and Glory Yoga, in an unforgettable journey of service, love, and leadership with Africa Yoga Project on a 10-day service, safari and yoga adventure.

The safari adventure for this trip will take us to Amboseli, one of the most beautiful places in all of Kenya. Here we will have the opportunity to go on game drives, exploring and experiencing Kenyan wildlife as well as practice yoga with a breathtaking African backdrop.

This trip opens your potential, and increases the potential in others too. We will get the chance to work side by side with new and veteran Africa Yoga Project teachers to learn, to serve and to play. We will get our hands immersed in physical service that will help the community. This trip is the definition of fullness, wholeness, opportunity. Love.

What to Expect expand your vision and combine climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with service and highlights of Nairobi.

1 Community Class                                            3 Day Service

 Mt Kilimanjaro Climb                                           Safari Drive                                       

Climb Seva with Grace & Glory (Alllie and Ray Nunzi)

Click below for more details and link to registration for the Climb Seva.

But wait there's more...

This seva is the FIRST of its kind you have the option to combine, yes that's right, combine two sevas in one trip!! Here are your combos, you can also download the poster here.


February 22 - March 11

 CORE + CLIMB (Be of Service, Go on Safari and Climb Mt Kilimanjaro)

February 20 - March 11

 YOD + CLIMB (Be of Service, Lead/Take part in a Workshop and Climb Kilimanjaro)

Africa Yoga Project delivers global wellbeing in and from Africa. We practice and teach Yoga with a deep conviction that the potential to change the world lives in each of us. Our bodies and minds must be connected in order to create lasting change. We deliver tools to bring wellbeing to the world, one body at a time.

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